2 de agosto de 2015

365' July

One month off. I don't remember taking this much time off the blog or even from visiting other blogs, not since high school I guess. I don't remember spending so many days without my camera and not feeling ''guilty'' about it. It was a shitty month. I worked my ass off for most days and my free time was spent in bed. I also discovered that I can't pronounce the «r» in some english words, like apparel, it's the vowels around it that make it hard to say - I sound so retarded, but I'm working on it!
I'm very tired and not only a I-need-to-take-a-nap kinda tired. I always loved blogging, and I still do I guess, but I will never see this as an obligation, I know how I sound when I'm writting to simply have something new here. Taking photos is never an obligation, is my biggest pleasure on earth and most days it is the only thing that makes my day worth it. You see, I never meant to make this an intimate journal, but I can't be a jolly gal here when I'm exhausted. That said, I'll always have photos to show you but I won't always have something personal to say and I'm trying to be the truest with you as I can be. 

Here are last month's photos.

my sunset view from my bed, my tripod is being used as a hat holder

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  1. eu nunca me canso das tuas fotos, venho sempre aqui com curiosidade por matar. adoro a foto do chapéu no tripé.

  2. As primeiras duas fotografias são lindas, breathtaking mesmo <3 xx

  3. palavras são desnecessárias quado há imagens destas!!!

  4. adoro a do chapéu!as persianas ajudam imenso haha :)

    1. é não é? então quando as cortinas de renda estão a jeito é que imprimem formas bonitas na parede ^^

  5. the photo with flowers & window.. omg it's so magical, can't stop looking at this! //


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