19 de maio de 2017


I lost my mojo. It's a pain in the ass when you feel like you, somehow, lost something that you always had, for as long as you remember. For me it's dressing up. No matter which style, I always had a blast choosing my outfits, making up charaters and in the recent years, making the clothes. I was trying to avoid thinking about it - it just made it real - but it's there, obvious, in my face.
This may seem unimportant but makes me sad. I make excuses like '' I can't really look good in this stupid weather'', '' I need to be comfortable working'', but on a sunny day of Spring, and having a closet crazy full, no excuses there.

These are my last ootd pictures and they are a few weeks old. I'm wearing jeans, not vintage jeans, basic pants and that's new. Pants are confy, I forgot it!


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  1. É bem verdade, as jeans são bem fixes e confortáveis, para qualquer look e situação!


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